code of CONDUCT

 We are passionate about our products and we know our products can make you very passionate too. We therefore would like to set boundaries at the start of the relationship and thats exactly what this Code of Conduct is designed to do. Its designed to tell you exactly what you can expect from us in certain given situations and bring to your attention what we ask from you in return.

If you are dissatisfied about our service I want to be the first to know! Please read our code and should you have any feedback email us on  (Customer Services Officer):  INFO@MAIRALONDON.COM 

 Our commitment to you on the phone

  • We will answer the phone promptly; we do not like queues either.

  • If we call you we will always check that its convenient to talk. If its not convenient, we will call you back at a time when it is.

  • If there is a problem, we will listen to what you have to say. We will also ask questions as we want sufficient information to be able to resolve the problem as quickly as we can.

  • If we have done something wrong, we will always apologize.

  • We will respond positively and constructively, doing our utmost to resolve any problems .

  • We will always remain polite, calm and reasonable.

What we ask in return

  • That you remember that we are human and that mistakes sometimes happen, and delays do occur, often for reasons beyond our control.

  • That you also remain polite, calm and reasonable on the phone. Our staff takes great pride in working for Maira London and their wellbeing is important to us. We reserve the right to terminate telephone conversations that are threatening, aggressive or abusive.

  • That you remember we try to describe and illustrate the colours and styles accurately on our website but slight variations may occur.
    Please note that telephone calls may be recorded for training purposes.

 Our commitment to you with refunds and exchanges

  • We will offer a complete refund, no questions asked, provided the goods are returned within 10 days unworn, tags on and in their original packaging with a completed note from you informing us about the order number, your name and telephone number.

  • Refunds will take no longer than 28 working days.

 What we ask in return

  • That you obtain a proof of postage certificate from the Post Office for items sent back. In the unlikely event of an item going missing we can only replace it at no additional cost with proof of postage.

 Our commitment to you should garments be faulty

  • We will make every effort to deliver garments or other products of a good quality at a sensible price. Whilst we consider fabric and stitching defects to be genuine faults, we do not class items damaged due to incorrect washing procedures or accidental wear and tear in the same way.

  • If you do believe a garment is genuinely faulty and follow the steps outlined below, we will investigate the matter thoroughly.In our investigation we will talk to you to ascertain how the fault was discovered and what causes you have eliminated.

  • If appropriate we will then invite you to send the item back to us. We will send the garment to be tested (this may take up to 4 weeks).

  • If the damage is due to incorrect washing processes or accidental wear and tear, the item will be returned to you with a full explanation, and no refund/exchange will be given.

  • If the damage is due to fabric or stitching defects we will contact you by phone to agree how to resolve the matter to your satisfaction.

  • We will always act with complete integrity if something goes wrong.

What we ask in return

  • That you call us to report your concern BEFORE sending a worn item to us.

  • That you conduct your own investigations as to what happened.

  • That you also act with integrity.

 Our commitment to protecting your data

  • We will only send you information from Maira London.

  • From time to time we make our mailing list available to suppliers of products that may be of interest to you. If you would prefer NOT to receive such mailings DO NOT tick the box on the registration form.

What we ask in return

  • That you inform us of any change of address or contact details.

    Our commitment to a personal service.

    We will always strive to be professional, polite, friendly, honest and efficient in our dealings with you.

The Legal Details

  • VAT is included in the list price where applicable.

  • We try to describe and illustrate the colours and styles accurately. Please be aware that the print process is an art, not a science and this means that slight variations may occur.